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Take a Massachusetts Wind Energy Virtual Tour With Mayflower Wind!

Mayflower Wind Virtual Tour; Guice Offshore Supply Vessels, Offshore Support Vessels

Mayflower Wind, the developer of an offshore wind project located in deep waters far off the coast of Massachusetts over 30 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard and 20 miles south of Nantucket, has been hosting a series of free virtual open house to provide information about its project and economic development investments for SouthCoast communities.

Mayflower Wind was recently awarded 400 megawatts in Massachusetts’ latest offshore wind energy procurement and the win is accompanied by an economic development package that includes commitments to spend up to $42 million.  The company used the Guice Offshore (GO) vessels GO Liberty and GO Pursuit to help with surveying and other geotechnical work in preparation for their offshore wind energy installation.

Combined with its first award, Mayflower Wind is looking forward to delivering 1,200 MW of low-cost renewable energy to Massachusetts residents and businesses and is committed to investing in local communities and supporting economic development across the state’s South Coast.

Watch Massachusetts’ Mayflower Wind March 2022 Virtual Event

To watch the most recent virtual event, “A Virtual Tour of the Falmouth, Massachusetts Project” that aired March 3, click here.  It featured an animated three-dimensional (3D)  virtual tour of Mayflower Wind’s project, with a walk-through of the company’s proposed offshore-to-onshore connection in Falmouth. 

With the use of 3D modeling and animated sequences, the tour provided a realistic visual experience of the offshore wind lease area, along with underground onshore cable installation and infrastructure in Falmouth.

Check Out Massachusetts’ Mayflower Wind January 2022 Virtual Event

During its January 2022 virtual public forum, entitled “The Future of Clean Energy is Here,” Mayflower Wind present specific initiatives including:

  • Education, Training and Workforce Development:  Employment and training opportunities at every level of the offshore wind industry – from turbine installation, operation and maintenance to project management –will help to equip tomorrow’s offshore wind workers, especially for the benefit of local communities, including Native Americans, women, minorities, veterans, and low-income populations.  
  • Supply Chain:  Opportunities for qualified local and regional contractors and suppliers to provide goods and services and play a role in the offshore wind industry.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:  Creating opportunities for all members of the community to have a role in the offshore wind industry.
  • Applied Research and Innovation:  Investments in entrepreneurial initiatives that spur new technologies, services, and businesses as part of a regional Blue Economy approach
  • Ports and Supporting Infrastructure:  Mayflower Wind will develop its operations and maintenance port at the Borden & Remington site in Fall River, MA and run its crews out of New Bedford, MA among other initiatives.
  • Low-Income Ratepayer Reductions:  Mayflower Wind will support low-income customers through strategic electrification initiatives.  

Mayflower Wind’s Will Cotta, Supply Chain Manager; Christopher Hardy, External Outreach Manager; Kelsey Perry, Community Liaison Officer; and Dugan Becker, Communications Assistant hosted the presentation and Q&A session via Zoom. 

“Fall River and New Bedford are the anchors of our SouthCoast activity,” said Daniel Hubbard, Director of External Affairs & General Counsel. “We encourage everyone to attend this event to learn more on how local communities will benefit from the offshore wind industry with well-paying jobs and community investments.”

Watch Massachusetts’ Mayflower Wind May 2021 First Virtual Event

Mayflower Wind’s first virtual open house on May 18, 2021 updated the Massachusetts South Coast, Cape Cod and Island communities, as well as other interested parties on the project’s progress.  Mayflower Wind has the potential to generate over 2,000 megawatts of low cost clean energy, or enough to power over half a million homes.  The project expects to begin generating energy by the mid-2020’s.

To watch the first open house, click here.

Mayflower Wind’s Seth Kaplan, Director of External Affairs; Christopher Hardy, External Outreach Manager; Kelsey Perry, Community Liaison Officer; and Joel Southall, Fisheries Liaison Officer presented the latest news and updates on the project.  Among the items that were discussed:

  • Need and opportunity for offshore wind to fulfill Massachusetts’ net-zero carbon emissions goals
  • Plans for making Massachusetts an offshore wind hub through investments in ports and supporting infrastructure; workforce development; innovative technologies; and applied research
  • Update on onshore electrical infrastructure plans
  • Interactions with fisheries and marine users
  • Next steps in permitting and review process

“We encourage residents, business-owners and other interested individuals who want to learn more about Mayflower Wind’s offshore wind energy project and its benefits, to participate in our virtual open house,” said Seth Kaplan, director of external affairs at Mayflower Wind. “We will provide updates on project activities and welcome all questions.”

The Mayflower Wind virtual free open house series provides ongoing project information and a discussion forum for community members and other interested parties.

Click here to sign up for project updates.

About Mayflower Wind

Mayflower Wind, a 50/50 joint venture between Shell New Energies US LLC and Ocean Winds, is developing an offshore wind lease area with the potential to supply over 2,000 megawatts (MW) of low-cost clean energy to electricity customers in New England. Mayflower Wind is committed to zero harm, innovation and industry development, and investing in our local communities. For more information visit


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