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Please find below an overview of Guice Offshore’s Coronavirus COVID 19 Guidelines:

Guice Offshore is committed to providing a Safe and Healthy environment to our employees, contractors, vendors and customers.  With this in mind Guice Offshore has implemented a proactive approach with a robust set of COVID 19 Guidelines to ensure that we provide the tools and resources that are critical in providing a COVID free environment. Implementation of a company provided COVID-19 Self Check Log Book is being utilized by all employees with documentation of their temperatures that are checked twice daily regardless if they are working or at home. CDC Guidelines are being utilized and updated as information becomes available with dissemination of information that is shared with the crew. Questionnaires are being utilized by all that board our vessels along with temperature checks to assure that we are diligent in our efforts to stay COVID free.

Daily Activities-COVID Free Environment

  • Perform Temperature Checks (Twice Daily)
  • Social Distancing/6’ or Greater
  • Wear Masks
  • Fill out required paperwork with relevant COVID questions
  • Insure that 3rd party individuals are aware of the requirements
  • Wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid physical contact with others
  • Sanitize your vessel

In the event an individual has been exposed or has a positive COVID test Guice Offshore will as per CDC Guidelines follow the quarantine protocol for all those that could potentially become infected.  Retesting will also follow the CDC Guidelines regarding timelines with negative COVID test results before returning to work.

If exposure or positive COVID tests take place consideration will be given to utilizing a third party to sanitize the vessel to ensure that the vessel is free of any potential risk to COVID 19.

Guice Offshore also will continue to educate all personnel regarding COVID 19 through email correspondence and vessel visits to ensure that all understand the guidelines and the risk associated if they are not adhered to.