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How Do Movies and TV Shows Film Ocean Scenes? Marine Coordinators Trust Guice Offshore to Handle the Details

Film and Television Ocean Vessel

Above:  Load-in and filming of Tiger Shark Week aboard the GO America


When it comes to shooting ocean scenes as part of full-length feature films, reality shows, commercials or television documentaries, Guice Offshore has been a trusted and chosen crew member by professionals in the cinematography, film and TV production business

Through dedicated consultants known as Marine Coordinators, movie and television producers seek capable, configurable vessels like the Guice Offshore fleet to film ocean scenes, house crews or transport between sets in the ocean. 

Through our partners Global SubDive and Ryan Marine, submarines and remote operated vehicles (ROVs) can be provided to assist with underwater cinematography.  Several of our vessels have sturdy A-frames and winches, along with powerful engines, heavy equipment and sophisticated technology like dynamic positioning that can keep a vessel in the exact same position even in the middle of swirling, churning ocean currents.

Because Guice Offshore meticulously follows all maritime laws, regulations and vessel maintenance, marine coordinators know they can rely on us to ensure the highest safety standards, not only for the protection of crew members, actors and equipment, but to help meet critical release deadlines, most of which are tied to complex production and marketing schedules.   We also monitor weather and tide changes, and any related shore operations to make sure everything goes according to schedule, even with a last-minute script change.

Actual filming is typically the culmination of weeks or months of planning and preparation.  Our team at Guice Offshore works with marine coordinators to iron out the smallest of details in adherence to production budgets, such as destination dock space, food and even scouting locations to find the right water depth, undersea topography and waves (or not).

Guice Offshore vessels have actually even played a “supporting actor” role in many instances and appeared on screen, participated in the filming of feature movies like Deepwater Horizon and Isolation.  For example, our GO America appeared in the TV series Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 and Shark Week’s “Tiger Shark King” episode. 

Our highly capable GO vessels have even been mentioned on national news programs for their participation in life-saving rescues or other offshore recovery missions. 

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