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Guice Offshore Welcomes Maritime Engineer Ernie Carline as Maintenance and Repair Manager

Guice Offshore Welcomes Maritime Engineer Ernie Carline as Maintenance and Repair Manager

Guice Offshore’s fleet is known for its sparkling green and white colors, spotless decks and immaculate engine rooms efficiently humming beneath them.  But most importantly, we are known for our impeccable maintenance and safety protocols that keep our vessels in top shape and ready for all types of challenging maritime work.

With our ever-expanding fleet, Guice Offshore needed more hands—both on deck and below.  Daily responsibility for keeping our vessels in superior condition is an extraordinary job that requires talent, experience, confidence and engineering ingenuity.

That’s why we are pleased to welcome maritime engineer Ernest “Ernie” Carline, who came aboard with Guice Offshore in May 2024.  As Maintenance and Repair Manager, he will be responsible for effecting and managing repairs, supporting drydocks and mobilizations, and generally keeping our fleet in good operating order.

It’s all in a day’s work for calm, collected Carline, who comes to Guice Offshore with nearly 35 years of maritime engineering experience.  Twenty-two years of that time was spent as Chief Engineer sailing on several different classes of vessels, including anchor handling and towing vessels, well stimulation vessels, and offshore supply vessels.

“Ernie has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from a career serving onboard and chasing vessels around the world,” Guice Offshore Principal Asa Moss said.

A graduate of Louisiana Technical College with a specialty in air conditioning and refrigeration in Guice Offshore’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, Carline began his maritime career as a deckhand, adding both technical and technology skills to his dossier as he worked his way up to the position of drydock superintendent, where he handled sourcing, purchasing and operations from Louisiana to Trinidad, to the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico.  In that role, he worked closely with closely with the U.S. Coast Guard and ABS to ensure all survey requirements were met during scheduled and unscheduled dockings.

Now at Guice Offshore, in order to familiarize himself with the “GO” fleet, he personally visited each vessel, surveyed its equipment and met the crew.

“Guice Offshore’s success in fleet maintenance is because of our superior people,” Carline explained.  “It’s very clear that everyone at this company takes great pride in these vessels where they live and work.  They also have top shore-based support to back them up.”

His years of experience as a maritime engineer have given Carline an innate feel for the order in which the complexities of a large vessel must be handled, including regulatory requirements.

“There are also some things in regard to vessel maintenance that aren’t technically priorities, but the crew wants them, nevertheless,” Carline added.  “Perhaps an engineer wants more shelving for tools, or the captain may want to remodel the entire galley.”

All of it goes on the shipyard list, to ensure the fleet functions and operates in top condition with minimum downtime. 

To consistently deliver safe, reliable, and cost-effective service, Guice Offshore vessels undergo significant technical, structural and/or equipment enhancements to meet the most demanding customer contract requirements.   

Guice Offshore vessels are dually certified Subchapter L&I by the U.S. Coast Guard and thus permitted to support the full spectrum of marine industries.  Many possess industry leading specifications, including ample accommodations.  Multi-Purpose Vessels like the GO Adventurer, GO America, GO Explorer, and GO Pursuit are outfitted with A-Frames, cranes, winches, moonpools and other equipment essential for many highly specialized offshore projects.


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