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Guice Offshore Platform Supply Vessel GO Crusader Returns to Port Fourchon From Successful First Mission

Guice Offshore Platform Supply Vessel GO Crusader Returns to Port Fourchon From Successful First Mission

Fresh from making new connections at a recent defense industry trade conference, Guice Offshore Vice President David Scheyd was excited and driving a little faster than usual on his way back to our Fleet Operations Headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

“GO Crusader is back in the Gulf!” he beamed.  “Her initial charter on the East Coast went off smoothly and she’s now at Port Fourchon ready for her next mission!”

Indeed, Guice Offshore’s newest acquisition and flagship platform supply vessel GO Crusader is turning LOTS of heads lately!   At 205 feet long, 46 feet wide and sporting over 5,000 square feet of clear deck space,  she’s now our largest vessel in the Guice Offshore fleet and exudes power and expansive capability to do the job.

Consistent with the GO fleet philosophy, the Jones Act-qualified GO Crusader is dually certified Subchapter L&I and well-suited for a wide array of maritime operations from coast to coast in North America, Central America and South America.  Her Master Boat Builders’ ABS-classed design incorporates DP2 station-keeping redundancy and accommodations for 22 personnel. 

A NATO deck grid is standard, and she is designed to easily receive a five-ton knuckle-boom crane from our inventory. 

Scheyd explained that the NATO deck grid format provides a socket pattern that offers ease of installation and removal for cranes or other equipment like deck winches, tuggers or even portable buildings.

The GO Crusader is also perfectly capable of supporting traditional oil and gas requirements including the transportation of liquid and bulk drilling fluids.

To review complete specs on GO Crusader, click here:

“The GO Crusader and all Guice Offshore vessels have undergone significant technical, structural and/or equipment enhancements to meet the most demanding customer contract requirements,” Guice Offshore principal Billy Guice noted. “Our fleet features ample accommodations and sought-after equipment such as A-frames, cranes, winches, moonpools and other essentials for a wide array of highly specialized offshore projects.” 

Guice Offshore has formed strategic partnerships along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico border and the Eastern Seaboard, from South Florida to Connecticut, and maintains its highly capable vessels in accessible locations for quick response to myriad needs of the many industries it serves.

Additionally, its subsidiary, GO Marine Services, a catering and offshore labor contractor, is geared to support mission requirements that help minimize mobilization time and expense for Guice Offshore customers with special services like certified protected species observers who document and generate reports in compliance with marine mammal regulatory requirements.

What is a Platform Supply Vessel?

platform supply vessel (PSV) is a ship designed to supply offshore oil and gas platforms.  These ships range from 160 to 330 ft. in length and accomplish a variety of tasks.  The primary function for most of these vessels is logistic support and transportation of goods, tools, equipment and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.  In recent years, a new generation of platform supply vessels entered the market, usually equipped with Class 1 or, like the GO Crusader, Class 2 dynamic positioning system.


About Guice Offshore

Guice Offshore regularly provides vessel and technical services to a broad spectrum of industries like aerospace, documentary and film; oil and gas; government and military; environmental and disaster response and recovery; inspection, maintenance and repair; science and research; salvage; geotechnical and surveys; and offshore wind and renewable energy.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, with corporate offices in Madisonville, Guice Offshore operates a 10-vessel fleet of offshore supply vessels that includes internationally authorized, Jones Act-compliant mini supply, multi-purpose and platform vessels in the 150-ft, 170-ft and 205-ft class with DP1 and DP2 certifications.

Guice Offshore operates from coast to coast in North and South America, the Gulf of Mexico and the Panama Canal.

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