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Guice Offshore Workhorse Mini-Supply Vessel GO Patriot Assists Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Construction

Oil Rig Construction; Guice Offshore's supply vessel GO Patriot Working in the Gulf of Mexico

Guice Offshore’s oil and gas industry workhorse, the GO Patriot, was seen assisting this week on a Gulf of Mexico oil rig construction project to install a caisson and deck. 

Used in geotechnical engineering, a caisson is a watertight retaining structure used as an anchor for a foundation.   Caissons are constructed in such a way that the water can be pumped out, keeping the work environment dry.   

A true workhorse of the offshore oil and gas industry, the GO Patriot is a Master Boat Builder 150-ft. class DP1 mini supply vessel with 20 bunks.  She has leading below-deck capacities for her class and is often employed in support of diving inspections, production runs and platform projects such as this one. 

In serving the oil and gas industry, Guice Offshore vessels are most often employed in support of platform and pipeline operations (production activities; logistics; diving; ROV transport and launch; oil rig construction, inspection, maintenance, repair; and plug and abandonment), as well as in certain early phases of oil production, such as subsea surveying. 

To view the specs on the GO Patriot, click here:


How Guice Offshore Supply Vessels Serve the Oil and Gas Industry

Guice Offshore’s (GO) fleet of support vessels provide a necessary and critical component of the offshore oil exploration and gas production (E&P) environment and are utilized in almost every phase of the extraction process from survey and drilling to production and abandonment.  Guice Offshore maintains a strong presence in the northern Gulf of Mexico E&P sector.  


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