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Guice Offshore Salutes Our U.S. Coast Guard’s 232nd Year on #CoastGuardDay August 4, 2022

Guice Offshore Salutes the Coast Guard

On August 4, 2022, the U.S. Coast Guard marked its 232nd year of service with a message from Admiral Linda Fagan, who was sworn in earlier this year as the first-ever woman to lead a branch of the U.S. Military.

Guice Offshore salutes the men and women of our Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Celebrates 232 Years of Service

By Adm. Linda Fagan, Coast Guard Commandant, message to the workforce

Today we celebrate the 232nd birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard; our theme for 2022 is: “Honoring our Past… Shaping our Future.”

Since our inception in 1790 as the Revenue Cutter Service, the U.S. Coast Guard has evolved to serve our nation by executing missions that only we can uniquely perform. Each time a new challenge or threat emerged, the Coast Guard responded to meet our country’s need. 

From domestic icebreaking and natural resource protection to drug interdiction and marine safety, our missions have broadened to firmly entrench our service as a vital element of national defense and international security.

Just as the U.S. Coast Guard steadfastly met these challenges in the past, we will continue our legacy of mission excellence to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.  The Coast Guard will be a leader in global maritime governance, enforcing the rule of law, facilitating safe and secure maritime commerce, and protecting people and natural resources in a dynamic geopolitical landscape.

We will explore and employ innovative ways to optimize our people, assets, and authorities to deliver security to the American public. The Coast Guard will continue to cultivate partnerships domestically and internationally to strengthen the fabric of homeland security.

We will also continue to proudly tell our story and connect it to the communities we serve. Two hundred years ago, U.S. Revenue Cutter Florida deployed to Key West to defend our southern border against illegal imports of sugar, molasses, tobacco, and enslaved people. 

Today, Aug. 4, 2022, Key West will become the newest Coast Guard City, recognizing the enduring support the city has shown for Coast Guard members and their families who call the lower Keys home.

Later this month, we will also conduct a “Keel-Laying” at the future site of the National Coast Guard Museum in New London, Connecticut. This state-of-the-art facility will be an interactive time capsule that makes our “1790 to No”’ evolution story even more accessible for generations to come.

Our service’s history and its future exist because of your commitment to readiness and mission execution. You are the heartbeat of the Coast Guard and every one of you adds to our legacy every day. I am extreme I proud of your collective accomplishments. As we commemorate this day and celebrate our shared history , I want to thank you and our families for your service our country.

Semper Paratus!


U.S. Coast Guard History–a Completed Jigsaw Puzzle 

For Coast Guard Day this year, noted author James D. “Keeper James” Charlet wrote a two-part essay on the evolution and union of predecessor Coast Guard organizations.  Each had a special function and its own unique date of origin.  

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