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Guice Offshore Invites Scientific Researchers to Attend BOEM 28th Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting

Guice Offshore Invites Scientific Researchers to Attend BOEM 28th Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting

Guice Offshore invites our scientific research community to register for the upcoming 28th U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting (ITM) on September 12-14, 2022.  Open to the public, the virtual conference will be held in webinar format and is free to attend with required registration.  

The Gulf of Mexico ITM began in 1980 for BOEM scientists to share their ideas, methodologies and results related to environmental studies.  Scientists in these meetings present, discuss, and share their findings in support of the Offshore Energy and Minerals Management Program. 

To date, during this meeting series, exciting discoveries have been presented, such as chemosynthetic communities, observations and sound of sperm whales in the Gulf, technological advances by the offshore oil and gas industry, and new developments in alternative energy technology, guidance, and regulations.

Next week’s event marks the first time the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has hosted an ITM since 2017.  To view abstracts and presentations from that meeting, click here.

Next week’s meeting also represents an opportunity to learn about a variety of BOEM topics, including recent and ongoing studies related to social sciences and archaeology, air quality, physical sciences, marine mammals and protected species, and fisheries and habitats.  The ITMS also offer scientific information about coral reefs, deepwater, economic effects of the oil industry, geology, ocean currents, oil spill research, pinnacles, platforms and protected species.

In their research work on these subjects, many public and private research institutions, universities, and endowments utilize Guice Offshore service vessels.  The Guice Offshore fleet has assisted in these endeavors along all the U.S. coasts, as well as the Caribbean, since our vessels offer a stable, dynamically positioned platform from which to conduct experiments and deploy specialized equipment.  Our large accommodations can house many scientists and vessel crew simultaneously, and even be converted into floating laboratories. 

Guice Offshore Multi-Purpose Vessels like the GO Pursuit, operating in partnership with Ryan Marine, are especially well-suited for this industry, which often requires an A-frame and winch to deploy acoustic gear into the water column or down to the seafloor. 

About the September 12–14, 2022 BOEM Gulf Virtual Information Transfer Meeting

At next week’s BOEM ITM, there will be six sessions, along with an opening plenary session covering a range of topics including program updates, emerging programs, and the future of carbon sequestration in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Click on the links below to see the agenda for each session.  Remember, there is no cost to attend, but all attendees must register here:

Meeting Materials

Note there is a Social Sciences Breakout Session on Monday, Sept. 12 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Register here:

To view the Three-Day planner, click here:

To view the details of each session’s speakers and topics, click on the agendas below:

Agenda Session 1: Emerging Programs

Agenda Session 2: Social Science

Agenda Session 3: Archaeology

Agenda Session 4: AQ Physical Sciences

Agenda Session 5: Biology

Agenda Session 6: Fish Habitats

Information Transfer Meeting Agenda

Proceedings of Past Information Transfer Meetings


For proceedings from previous ITMs, see the Proceedings page.


Guice Offshore Vessels Work With Scientific and Government Researchers; Even Documentary Filmmakers

Guice Offshore (“GO”)’s fleet is regularly employed in a variety of support roles including research and development, and other special projects requiring top-of-the-line, highly dependable offshore support vessels.  Our multi-purpose vessel GO America, based in Port Everglades, Florida, operates in conjunction with our partners Global SubDive to support a large array of science and research projects, often utilizing GSD submarines and ROVs.  Similarly, partner Ryan Marine is an expert in the field of unmanned vehicle operation, which allows us to provide turnkey AUV and UUV services anywhere in the United States and Caribbean. 

Guice Offshore vessels like the 150 ft. DP1 GO Liberty or the 170 ft. DP1 GO Discovery are often used by geotechnical and other types of companies to perform detailed survey activities such as seabed mapping, soil investigations and core sampling.  Depending on their equipment installed, our vessels can work in a variety of coastal or offshore environments and water depths.  The open cargo deck, ample accommodations, excellent maneuverability and station-keeping, all coupled with an efficient cost of operations, makes the Guice Offshore fleet a consistently reliable choice for those needing an offshore supply vessel or marine transport.

For researchers looking to document their missions, Guice Offshore vessels also support movie and television productions, whose crew needs capable vessels like ours to film scenes, house crews or transport between sets.  Our vessels have participated in the filming of feature films movies Deepwater Horizon and Isolation.  GO America was also supporting actor in the TV series Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 and Shark Week’s “Tiger Shark King” episode.  GO vessels have even been mentioned on national news programs for their participation in life-saving rescues or other offshore recovery missions.  With our partners, submarines and ROVs can be provided to assist with underwater cinematography.


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