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What is a Guice Offshore Supply Vessel A-Frame?

What is a Guice Offshore Supply Vessel A-Frame?

Guice Offshore (“GO”), widely known as the U.S. Flag leader in the operation of dynamically positioned (DP) mini supply vessels, often offers the built-in provision of substantial equipment not available elsewhere in the 150 ft. to 170 ft. DP1 vessel market. 

When chartering this type of vessel and certain tools are needed for a particular mission–particularly specialized deck equipment like a marine crane or an A-Frame–it’s always helpful that Guice Offshore already can provide it.  

Usually made of steel with an embedded engine and hydraulic power unit to fuel its operation, a maritime A-Frame is a type of lifting gear installed on the stern of a workboat to lift or deploy loads in and out of the ocean in offshore or subsea jobs.

Guice Offshore is one of the few dynamically positioned offshore mini supply vessel fleets in the North American 150 ft. to 175 ft. DP1 Jones Act-compliant vessel class market that feature installed A-Frames. 

GO utilizes a combination of company-owned A-frames and high quality, rental A-Frames as dictated by market conditions and specific Charterer requirements. 

Currently, GO offers A-Frames on our 150 ft MPSV GO AMERICA, 150 ft Mini Supply Vessels GO LIBERTY and GO FREEDOM, and our 170 ft MPSV GO PURSUIT.  Additional A-Frames are on order to coincide with 2022 GO fleet expansion initiatives.

Lifting submersible and underwater vehicles in and out of the water is among the many examples of how an offshore support vessel A-Frame is used. 

The GO America, based in Port Everglades, Florida, operates in conjunction with our partners Global SubDive (GSD) to support a large array of government projects, often utilizing GSD submarines and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). 

Similarly, our partner Ryan Marine is an expert in the field of unmanned vehicle operation which allows Guice Offshore to provide turnkey AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) and UUV (unmanned underwater vehicle) services to government agencies anywhere in the U.S. and Caribbean. 

A-Frames are also key equipment for certain research projects where the deployment and retrieval of specialized information-gathering devices are required.  

Many public and private research institutions, universities, and endowments utilize offshore service vessels.  GO vessels have assisted in these endeavors along all U.S. coasts and the Caribbean.  Our vessels offer a stable platform from which to conduct experiments and utilize specialized equipment, and our large accommodations can house many scientists and vessel crew simultaneously, and even be converted into floating laboratories. 

Guice Offshore multi-purpose vessels like the GO Pursuit, often operating in partnership with Ryan Marine, are especially well-suited for the research industry, which often requires an A-frame and winch to deploy acoustic gear into the water column or down to the sea floor.


To discuss how an A-Frame can assist you in your next offshore job, contact David Scheyd at Guice Offshore.

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