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State-of-the-Art Dynamic Positioning is Standard on All Guice Offshore Vessels

State-of-the-Art Dynamic Positioning is Standard on All Guice Offshore Vessels

If your offshore job requires a trip into the Outer Continental Shelf in water too deep, or too thick with pipelines on the ocean floor to anchor, you’ll want to make sure the vessel you charter offers dynamic positioning (DP)—a modern marvel of technology and engineering that’s revolutionized ocean-based operations, particularly in the offshore oil drilling industry.

To afford maximum versatility for the many specialty industries we serve, each vessel in the Guice Offshore fleet is equipped with a dynamic positioning system and a captain and crew certified and knowledgeable in the complexities of its handling.  Those certified in dynamic positioning systems are known as Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPOs).

Controlled by a computer assisted by readings from onboard sensors and gyrocompasses on environmental conditions like wind and water drag force, dynamic positioning systems use a vessel’s own propellers and thrusters to automatically maintain its position in the ocean.  They can both lock the vessel to a fixed point over the ocean bottom, or to a moving object like an underwater vehicle.  It can even ensure the ship is aligned at an angle relative to the wind, waves or current.

Guice Offshore’s largest vessels, the GO Adventurer and the GO Crusader, both feature DP2 technology, a designation determined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to indicate the vessel can be used under certain conditions like diving and heavy lifting that require multiple onboard safety redundancies.  All other Guice Offshore vessels are equipped with DP1 capabilities.

Dynamic positioning affords excellent performance for maritime jobs that require easy, rapid maneuverability and quick setup.  Applications include ocean surveying, diving or platform support, pipe or cable-laying, salvage, aerospace recovery and marine research, among other uses.

Each Guice Offshore vessel is outfitted with the most modern and well-maintained maritime technology to ensure accurate, dependable operation of its dynamic positioning system, including tools like radar, global positioning systems (GPS), autopilot, satellite communications, VHS and SSB radios, and echo sounders.


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