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From Stem to Stern, GO Marine Services Maritime Crewing and Operations Pro Jenny Harris Has Everyone Doing the Happy Dance

From Stem to Stern, GO Marine Services Maritime Crewing and Operations Pro Jenny Harris Has Everyone Doing the Happy Dance

Picture it:  An oil and gas company is short on staffing for several offshore oil rigs.  They need two cooks, five roustabouts and three deckhands—pronto!  What do they do? 

Answer:  They call GO Marine Services Operations Manager Jenny Harris!

Working together with GO Marine Services recruiters, Harris helps supply catering and general labor personnel to America’s offshore energy industry from coast to coast. 

“After our recruiters screen and hire our candidates, I’m the one who gets them to the job and keeps them on the job,” Harris explained.

Not just anyone can work on an oil rig or an offshore wind platform, which is why offshore energy companies rely on GO Marine Services to screen, recruit, train, certify, transport and manage these specialized individuals.  Using GO Marine Services is also a way for companies to save time and money in their own hiring process by having GO Marine Services take on the risk of a new contractor before deciding whether to hire someone full-time.

Harris, who has been crewing maritime positions for over 40 years, came to GO Marine Services seven years ago. This year, with her young grandchildren now beckoning, she had planned to retire, that is, until GO Marine Services Managing Director Jody Broussard came aboard, infusing the team with a welcoming new energy that Harris knew she would greatly miss if she stayed home.

“Our maritime contractors know Jody and all of us truly care about them,” Harris said.  “Whether they’re a cook or galleyhand, we understand they’ve got the most important job in the world as part of the GO Marine Services crew.”

With each GO Marine Services offshore staffing client requiring different types and levels of certification for each GO Marine Services contractor depending upon the job at hand, Harris’ knack for detail and organization is crucial in ensuring the contractor arrives properly trained and certified for the mission, whatever it might be.

It’s also paramount to her to meet each GO Marine Services contractor in person, so she can get a feel for who they are as a person before she places them in a job on an offshore rig or vessel. Importantly, she also ensures female contractors are placed accordingly on vessels or rigs that have separate accommodations for women.  She’ll even temporarily place a less experienced person together with a more experienced one to help with on-the-job training.

Harris then ensures these certifications are up-to-date, while managing the contractor’s payroll and getting him or her to the job on time from wherever they are in the nation. She handles their onboarding, with orientation, drug screening, physical examination and job training if needed.  With GO Marine Services drawing applicants from around the country who ultimately work everywhere offshore from the Gulf of Mexico, to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Harris also coordinates a substantial amount of air travel.

From Stem to Stern, GO Marine Services Maritime Crewing and Operations Pro Jenny Harris Has Everyone Doing the Happy Dance
GO Marine Services’ Jenny Harris visited the Grand Canyon together with her grandchildren. 

“Maritime is in my blood,” Harris said, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.  “I love doing this job, because there’s always something new and exciting right around the corner!”

Harris’ decision to stay on was certainly good news for GO Marine Services.

“I did the ‘happy dance’ when I heard it!” Broussard said.

So what does Harris do to decompress at home from the high-octane, ultra-muscular maritime and offshore world? 

“One of my little granddaughters loves makeup, so I let her do my face and paint my nails,” she laughed. 


GO Marine Services (GOMS) is a premier provider of catering personnel, Roustabouts and General Labor Services to the marine and oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast. Based in Lafayette Louisiana, GOMS understands how important qualified and competent service contractors are to our clients, and to the morale of an operation. We pride ourselves in providing experienced individuals who strive for excellence. All individuals are trained and screened to meet or exceed industry standards.



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