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Guice Offshore Mini-Supply Vessel GO Liberty Back On the Job With A Tune-Up, Fresh “GO Green” Team Colors 

Guice Offshore Mini-Supply Vessel GO Liberty Back On the Job With A Tune-Up, Fresh “GO Green” Team Colors 

Newly outfitted with a fresh coat of “GO Green” paint, the Guice Offshore mini-supply vessel “GO Liberty” has completed her regulatory dry docking and is back operating out of Fourchon, Louisiana. 

“Since joining the Guice Offshore fleet in 2018, the GO Liberty has served a variety of government and research clients, as well as prospective offshore wind farm survey projects,” Guice Offshore principal Billy Guice related.  

During 2020, the GO Liberty was a welcome presence in the coastal area of Massachusetts while she assisted in conducting a geophysical survey of the near-shore waters east and south of Martha’s Vineyard.

To ensure safety and adherence to all prescribed U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulatory requirements and procedures pursuant to 46 CFR § 126.140all Guice Offshore supply vessels and multi-purpose vessels are regularly placed into dry dock twice every five years.  During their time out of the water, the vessels are fully inspected and tested for structural integrity.  

“For the GO Liberty, this dry dock was routine, since the vessel is continuously well maintained and in typically great condition” Guice explained.  “She received a new GO Green paint job to match our fleet colors, an overhaul of her main engines and the standard inspection required for full Coast Guard compliance.  Now she’s back in the water and working for a valued customer.” 

The GO Liberty, a Master Boat Builder 150 class DP1 mini-supply vessel, is also a dually certified Subchapter L & I vessel approved for limited international operations in the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea within 100 nautical miles of land.  Her stern is configured to accept a portable A-Frame and she affords 20 bunks. 

What is a Subchapter L & I Vessel?

Vessels that support or conduct Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activities fall under numerous types and categories as defined by the U.S. Coast Guard.  The majority of vessels involved in this work are Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs), Industrial Vessels or Small Passenger Vessels. These are mostly regulated under 46 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Subchapters L, I and T, respectively. 

What Are Renewable Energy Support Vessels? 

U.S. vessels like the Guice Offshore GO Liberty that support renewable energy installations are also subject to U.S. Coast Guard inspection and oversight–typically under 46 CFR Subchapters L, T or I. 

Or, they may be multi-certificated under multiple Subchapters. 

Renewable energy support specifically falls within the definition of an OSV regulated under Subchapter L as defined at 46 CFR 125.160. 

Click here to access a downloadable spec sheet on the GO Liberty. 


For more information on chartering the GO Liberty or any of our hard-working GO vessels, contact Guice Offshore at (985) 801-4051.

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