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Guice Offshore Applies Pathogen Response and Resource Alliance Standards to Ensure Full COVID-19 Decontamination and Pathogen Safety Protocols

Guice Go Safley

Especially at this critical juncture when all of us must be more vigilant about our health and safety than ever, Guice Offshore and our subsidiary, GO Marine Services, are committed to ensuring our clients’ confidence in our strict adherence to the most stringent COVID-19 decontamination and management protocols available.  

As a certified member of the Pathogen Response and Resource Alliance (PRRA) Guice Offshore and GO Marine Services know that the fight against COVID-19 can end where the virus often begins—on surfaces. 

Adhering to PRRA standards on behalf of both ourselves and our customers, Guice Offshore (utilizing GO Marine Services) can prepare a full COVID-19 disinfectant and management response package to perform cleaning assessments and put protocols, policies and procedures in place—whether you’re aboard one of our vessels, need a full decontamination of your own vessel after a positive COVID case is detected, or simply need assistance at your land-based business to help stop the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens. 

“In many cases, decontamination is a complimentary service that Guice Offshore provides for our customers,” explained Billy Guice, who oversees the Guice Offshore anti-COVID program. “We are also experienced in managing crew testing and quarantining prior to sailing at the beginning of a charter.” 

Importantly, our internal policies are also based on the PRRA professional contractor standards, which require both proper insurance and training on best practices in accordance with global and United States health-focused entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), World Health Organization (WHO), (OSHA).   

“We take a professional-grade approach for our customers, because we hold those same standards of safety for ourselves as part of our internal approach to managing the pandemic,” Guice added. 

COVID-19 Decontamination and Coronavirus Management Services 

Although some surfaces may be more difficult to thoroughly clean and disinfect based on their porosity, surface texture or sensitivity and compatibility to cleaning, Guice Offshore COVID-19 Decontamination and Coronavirus Management services include: 

  • All levels of cleaning from basic sanitation to Covid-19 disinfecting.  We have all the tools to handle your cleaning needs. 
  • Disinfecting through the use of fogging, spraying and wiping High Touch Points  
  • Guice Offshore uses an EPA-registered disinfectant containing the powerful sanitizing active ingredient of chlorine dioxide 
  • Medical education, counseling and related consulting services Guice Offshore Cleaning Protocols 
  • All of our technicians are properly trained in cleaning protocols and utilizing proper PPE 
  • We pre-clean to remove the top layer of biofilm so that the disinfectant can be most effective and is not inactivated by organic material 
  • We perform “top-down” cleaning through the use of fogging machines 

“What is most important to convey about our COVID safety program at Guice Offshore is our internal commitment of choosing to maintain an attitude of following the safety rules and procedures versus having to follow them,” Guice said.  “When we live a daily workplace culture of caring for our fellow employees and ensuring everyone goes home safely each day, we create a mindset that is intolerant of any level of injury, including viral infections.” 

For more information on Guice Offshore COVID-19 cleaning programs or procedures, give us a call at (985) 801-4051.

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