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Guice Offshore to Support Space Perspective’s History-Making Marine Spaceport Operations   

Guice Offshore to Support Space Perspective’s History-Making Marine Spaceport Operations   

Guice Offshore will be supporting Space Perspective as it launches the world’s first “marine spaceport,” marking a convergence of cutting-edge aerospace, maritime and eco-tourism technology expected to take flight carrying space-tourists in late 2024, Marine Log and Offshore Engineer magazines report.   

Space Perspective offers a safe, zero-emissions six-hour journey to space in a pressurized capsule propelled gently by a SpaceBalloon™.  With no heavy g-forces or training required, the company explains that taking the incredible ride is as easy as being in an airplane. Designed to be accessible and a shared experience, the capsule accommodates eight passengers and a captain.

To launch the SpaceBalloon™, a 2003-built Jones Act vessel recently renamed MS Voyager is currently being converted by Conrad Shipyard to become Space Perspective’s historic new “marine spaceport” following preparatory work by Gulf Ship Maritime classification society ABS is supporting the vessel’s reactivation and modification efforts with class, engineering review and regulatory services, Offshore Engineer’s Eric Haun explained.    

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At the end of the six-hour flight, the pressurized Space Perspective capsule will splash down gently into the ocean. Fast rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) from Fluid Watercraft will arrive to stabilize the capsule, which will then be lifted back onto the MS Voyager by a custom-built A-frame provided by Supreme Integrated Technology.     

These Space Perspective marine operations will be supported by Guice Offshore.     

“The future of space travel is on the water. MS Voyager unlocks flexible launch locations, ideal launch conditions, and more frequent launch opportunities. Our collaboration with the experts at ABS is helping us make space travel more accessible to the world than ever before,” founder and co-CEO of Space Perspective Taber MacCallum told Marine Log’s Nick Blenkey. “ABS is a crucial partner in how we’ve reimagined commercial space travel and our ability to offer life-changing views of the most incredible natural phenomena from space in a way that’s safe, accessible and carbon neutral. ABS’s expertise to certify the world’s first marine spaceport in MS Voyager is making this all a reality.”   

On Earth Day this past weekend, Space Perspective announced their new “Pale Blue Dot” campaign, which has an urgent call to action for the world to come together to preserve and protect our planet.  NASA astronomer Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” speech, as it is commonly known, reminds us of the power of space travel to transform mankind’s perspective on the planet and our place within it.    

With the help of Guice Offshore and so many other partners, Space Perspective plans to bring that fresh perspective to the world by providing the quintessential astronaut experience—seeing our “Pale Blue Dot” from the blackness of space—to as many people as possible.  

Commonly referred to as the “overview effect,” astronauts often return from missions with a newfound urgency to get involved with social and environmental causes.    

As Space Perspective’s popularity grows, it is hoped that the new space explorers it creates will want to add their experience to the growing environmental global collective as well.   

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