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Guice Offshore Ready and Experienced to Deploy, Transport Subsea Energy Robot, AI Structural Monitoring Infrastructure

How AI and robots will help safeguard our offshore energy infrastructure in the future

The hard-working offshore supply vessel fleet at Guice Offshore stands to play a pivotal role as the marine transportation provider of choice for artificial intelligence (AI)-based offshore energy structural monitoring systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (#SCADA) systems, environmental monitoring and more, as people working in tandem with robot and AI assistants become a core feature of how future offshore infrastructure will managed in the future.

Guice Offshore vessels already regularly support the deployment of underwater vehicles for jobs involving subsea operations.  Our experienced, modern fleet and meticulous safety protocols are already trusted by offshore wind and other offshore clean energy providers nationwide.

Thus, we are ready and experienced in assisting with widespread integration of subsea docking stations, as well as floating command and control centers, where the security of subsea and surface wind turbine infrastructure would be maintained by patrolling robotic platforms capable of inspection and repair as envisioned by Heriot-Watt University professors David Flynn and Valentin Robu in their article published today, August 9, 2021 in “The Conversation” entitled “How AI and robots will help safeguard our offshore energy infrastructure in the future.”

Read their fascinating analysis on the vital need for advanced AI to support critical infrastructure and operations in the growing offshore energy business.