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Delilah Jones Boosts GO Marine Services Recruiting With Substantial Offshore Oil and Energy Experience

Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs; Delilah Jones Boosts GO Marine Services Recruiting With Substantial Offshore Oil and Energy Experience

As longtime recruiter in the maritime and offshore oil industries, Delilah Jones knows the unique nuances of both businesses.  

Now, she’ll be putting that experience to work for GO Marine Services, a premier provider of catering personnel, roustabouts and general labor services to the marine and offshore oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast.

For its challenging offshore maritime work, GO Marine Services recruits top-caliber, experienced mariners from coast to coast for both contract and full-time work, focusing on coastal states with major port and infrastructure operations on the Pacific, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.   

GO Marine Services Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs Recruiter
GO Marine Services Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs Recruiter Delilah Jones

With enthusiasm and good humor developed from over 20 years of work with oil field operations and engineers, Jones is keenly insightful and knows how to read people quickly from their first handshake or eye contact.  It’s an innate skill that helps her assess job candidates for their unseen merits beyond their documented experience to make sure they’re the right fit for the job and the company. 

“We actually had a guy fall asleep during an interview,” she laughs.  “I’ve learned to let people show me who they are.” 

Working with in-house colleague Tim Lewis, Jones plans to utilize every available resource to attract both online and in-person applicants for work at GO Marine Services.  Those who make it past her initial screening will receive a physical examination to ensure they’re in good enough physical condition to accomplish required tasks on the job.  She’ll also evaluate any professional and trade certifications they may have to ensure they’re not expired and determine whether they require additional job-specific training at GO Marine Services’ adjunct training facility. 

Jones, who started as a temp worker herself with Pride International (now Valeris) in a two-week fill-in role that became a full-time job offer in their accounting department, soon gained valuable business administration experience that led to becoming a staffing specialist.  There, she honed her human resources skills. 

“My favorite part of the job is meeting new people, getting to know them and hearing their stories,” she said.   

Throughout the year, Jones will be exercising her people powers at upcoming job fairs she’ll be attending from coast to coast on behalf of GO Marine Services. 

The mother of three daughters—two 10-year-old twins and one eight-year-old—she loves to spend time with her girls going skating, swimming and playing games together.   

A graduate of Delgado Community College with an associates degree in accounting, she is now working to advance her education to the next level to obtain a bachelor’s degree. 

“I also have a great singing voice, so I love to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and join my friends and coworkers for karaoke nights!” she smiled. 

About GO Marine Services

As a sister company to Guice Offshore, GO Marine Services understands how important qualified and competent service contractors are to our clients, and to the morale of an operation. We pride ourselves in providing experienced individuals who strive for excellence. All individuals are trained and screened to meet or exceed industry standards.

GO Marine Services is currently enrolled in ISNet World and PEC.  All training certifications and drug screen information available in ISNET, PEC or upon request.

All individuals are transported from our operations office in Lafayette via company vehicles driven by qualified individuals to ensure prompt and prepared arrival.



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